Tuesday, 9 September 2014

In which a boy and a girl make a blog

Hi there, welcome to our little space where we will be sharing all of our adventures from now on. We're big fans of exploring and trying new things, and why not document them along the way (since we've typically have the camera with us everywhere we go anyway!) These were taken on one of our days off together. We explored the forest before heading down to one of our favorite spots (an old military neighborhood which has been torn down and abandoned for years, now there are only random driveways and lamp posts with and alot of wild flowers and overgrown weeds which is so beautiful.) We're currently looking to move so this place will be sorely missed when we do. Luckily there's still a couple of months to go before that happens. Anyway, hope you're all getting an early start on your fall adventures! We will be ;)